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Released projects



Scalable Traversal Engine For Fast In-memory graphDB

STEFFI is a distributed graph database fully in-memory and amazingly fast when it comes to querying large datasets. As a scalable graph database, STEFFI’s performance can directly be compared to Neo4j and Titan. It provides its users with a clear competitive advantage when it comes to complicated traversal operations on large datasets. Speedups of up to 200 have been observed when comparing STEFFI whith its alternatives.

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Elastic messaging for the cloud

Bring performance to your message queue: RoQ (pronounce  /rok’ju:/, as in “Rock You”) is a new architecture designed for efficient messaging in the cloud.RoQ’s architecture is elastically scalable because of its three key properties:
– When required, the capacity of the system is increased automatically
– The capacity increase has no impact on global performance
– When the load decreases, the system scales-back to avoid using unnecessary resources.

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Get the real flavour of your BigData !

The AROM programming model is based on Data Flow Graphs (DFG) which boasts fewer constraints than other popular approaches. AROM offers the user flexibility in the design of jobs. As DFG models are often considered to be at a lower level than MapReduce, it is possible to directly translate MapReduce jobs into DFG and run them on the DFG framework. To accommodate this functionality, AROM also provides a MapReduce API which allows defined MapReduce jobs to run on the DFG framework.

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Wazaabi 2.0

Model your UI… LIVE !

Save time in your UI development with Wazaabi, a framework for declarative live UI-modelling. The three key concepts are:
– Wazaabi enables the designer to describe the UI declaratively
– The declaration builds a model of the GUI which is also a conceptual representation of the UI
– The code is not generated from the Model as is usually the case in the MDA approach. In Wazaabi, the UI is a running instance of the model. An engine is responsible for rendering the model in the target UI technology (various technologies are supported including SWT, SWING, and JSF).

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