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Research areas

The expertise of EURA NOVA Research and Development lies at the cutting-edge of IT systems development and implementation.

Our team of dedicated researchers are already working on solutions to address tomorrow’s challenges in ICT and implementing them today!


Graphs are flexible structures made of nodes and links that support the representation of complex domains and applications with simple, yet rich structures. Social networks, transportation networks, and protein network are complex structures that can be captured easily with graphs. EURA NOVA’s research in the field of graphs aims at analysing big and complex volumes of data by using the power of graphs.


Graph algorithms enable the computation of complex metrics by exploring the connections between entities. For example, they can unveil VIP users in a social network, important pages of the web, or bottlenecks of an information network.


Graph exploration techniques such as traversals and pattern matching enable powerful and finely customized querying of data. For example, the complex querying technique can provide answers about the properties of the data entities and the relationships linking them in a single query.