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Research areas

The expertise of EURA NOVA Research and Development lies at the cutting-edge of IT systems development and implementation.

Our team of dedicated researchers are already working on solutions to address tomorrow’s challenges in ICT and implementing them today!

High-Performance and Distributed Architecture

EURA NOVA’s research projects in the field of high performance architecture (HPA) focus on systems that enable large amounts of data to be scaled and processed efficiently.

HPA can be used to identify services that create value. Although commonly used in telecommunication infrastructures, in cloud management systems, and in popular web portals, HPA has applications in a wide range of domains. Well-defined HPAs enable system developers to include a larger number of parameters in complex computations and enable them to include large amounts of data in those computations.

EURA NOVA bases its HPA on (1) a processing layer, which is conceptual, and on (2) a data layer, which is functional.


The processing layer defines how a range of computing processes will be executed. The architecture patterns within the processing layer define how data are accessed, what type of communication patterns are needed, and how parallel actions can be shared between instances. EURA NOVA’s research aims at defining architectures that improve the performance of the processing hardware, and that even reduce the amount of hardware required.


Performance is driven by the data format and by the way data are stored in the HPA. Our research projects lead to designing new models for storing data as well as for benchmarking the available data storage solutions.