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Eura Nova RD
Eura Nova

Research areas

The expertise of EURA NOVA Research and Development lies at the cutting-edge of IT systems development and implementation.

Our team of dedicated researchers are already working on solutions to address tomorrow’s challenges in ICT and implementing them today!

Machine Learning

Making informed decisions is critical from a business point of view. Luckily, there is a wide variety of data sources that can be of great use during the decision-making process. EURA NOVA’s research projects in machine learning aim at exploring and defining new approaches for critical problems.


Due to the large number of machine learning techniques and to the fact that each issue is unique, our research projects cover the whole  spectrum of possibilities. We use traditional techniques as well as deep learning techniques.


Applying algorithms on a dataset is one thing. Generating relevant information that lead to informed decisions is another. Our strength  resides in our being at the front end of innovation and operations in businesses: our research in machine learning is driven by pragmatic targets.