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Category: Engineering

Super Size EMF Fast Food Demo: Tracking your live-models (Part 1)

Last week we submitted a talk at Eclipse Con 2010 “Add Complex Event Processing to your EMF models: Super Size models Fast food demo“. This is a good opportunity for

Model transformations in new design approaches

Today we dive into a technical and theoretical track on the model transformation. In this post we investigate the existing techniques in Eclipse M2M in order to transform models, going

Atmoshpere & Asynchronous Servlet

Last week, I was at Devoxx and I attended to a speech of JF Arcan, the head architect of the Atmoshpere framework [1]. While the new coming Servlet 3.0 Async

DEVOXX conference Day 1 key notes: JEE 6.0

Today we had the first conference day at DEVOXX, the European JAVA meeting. The key note was, as usual, dedicated to new evolutions in the JAVA world. One of these

What’s declarative Live Model-based UI?

I will inaugurate the EURA NOVA R&D director’s blog by a post on the Wazaabi framework. Actually it is a very good starting point to explain the development we led,