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Our research centre is dedicated to anticipating challenges in Europe and supporting companies to introduce new products and processes.

Why scientific research is integral part of our model? Because it leads to competitive advantages for entrepreneurs, be it in the field of data science, distributed computing or software engineering.

In addition to creating knowledge through our own research papers and publications, our scientific approach gives us a clear view of the issues to address in the fields of AI and da-ta science. We share this knowledge with our employees, our academic or business partners and our clients through conferences, workshops and training courses. This is how we ensure command of the scientific topics we deal with and the technologies we use in our research projects and with our clients.

Through our research centre, we disseminate digital scientific knowledge within our ranks before sharing it with our clients.

As scientists, we know that the only way to command knowledge is to explore it and add to it. As such, our team of researchers use science and technology as tools to deliver breakthrough innovation.​

Sabri Skhiri​head of research center


Over the last decade, we’ve created an exceptional scientific environment, attracted outstanding scientists, produced high-impact work, and nurtured a culture of innovation within both our company and the businesses we serve.
Thanks to groundbreaking research, we can anticipate digital issues that will occur in the next couple of years. 
Explore a world where knowledge leads to business opportunities.

As a research powerhouse, we have entered into strategic academic partnerships. We work hand in hand with universities and research units to publish research papers and to speak at scientific conferences. We also have internships with our academic partners, creating even greater impact to our research.

Sabri Skhiri​head of research center